We Are A Resource Center For The Public & Private Sector
The CPEC unit of agriculture department punjab-pakistan has been assigned the responsibility to become a resource center for the public and private sector,for creating awareness among key stakeholders including farmers,producers,exporters,general public and Government officials on the opportunities and implications of China Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) on the agriculture CPEC offers a lifetime opportunity to improve the socio economy position of the region.much larger then its bilateral benefits,it is a corridor of peace and prosperity for people of Pakistan and china,and also for the region and beyond.it will bind nations together and bring about an economic transformation through enhanced connectivity.
Business Opportunity in Punjab
(May 22, 2017)
International Seminars on Business Opportunity in Punjab (ISBOP)-2017 was largest and most success event held on 22-23 May (Seminar in PC Hotel) & 24 (EXPO),2017 in Punjab at Lahore which includes seminar,EXPO,Business Networking, useful bilateral meetings and sight-seeing of Lahore. Different companies across the Globe attended ISBOP-2017.The aim of this seminar was to bring investor,enterprises,business owner, entrepreneurs and experts to come together at one platform to discuss on immense business opportunity offered by Punjab.
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Fruits & Vegetables Pulping Unit

Nature has blessed Pakistan with an ideal climate for growing a large variety of fruits, most notably Mango, Guava, Apple and etc. The proposed unit is a large size business venture and assumed to be located in the cities nearby to Mango, Guava and Tomato producing areas, such as Multan, Khanewal and Muzaffargarh. The finished product is pulp of Mango and Guava (i.e. used as basic raw material for juices, ice creams and other value)

Individual Quick Frozen Vegetables & Fruits

Freezing is an important process to effect this value addition to fresh produce. The technology used for this purpose is known as Individual Quick Freezing (IQF). The product line selected for the purpose of this study includes frozen peas, potatoes, carrot, spinach, bitter gourd, okra and mango.The IQF process will use Fluidized bed freezing technology. The project has been proposed to be established in Lahore.

Potato Powder & Flakes Manufacturing Unit

The purpose of this document is to facilitate investment in Potato Powder and Flakes Manufacturing Unit by providing the potential investors a general understanding of the business and supporting them to make informed investment decisions. As the Potatoes are a seasonal commodity, therefore, Plant will be operational for 5 months (January ~ May).Pakistan has abundance of unprocessed potatoes

Dehydration of Fruits & Vegetables

Dehydration adds value to fresh fruits and vegetables by removing water.The dehydrated products selected for the purpose of this study include dehydrated mango, apple, peas, onion and garlic. The project has been proposed to be established in Multan to be close to the mango production areas. Onion, garlic and peas are also produced in and around Multan. Apple will be procured mainly from Balochistan

Olive Oil Extraction Units

Units are proposed to be located in pothohar region which is a large plateau region in north eastern Pakistan covering an area of 8,592 square miles. each processing facility has a capacity to process 200 kg of olive fruit per hour which will produce 40 litters of olive oil under ideal conditions and produce 57,600 litters of virgin oil per anum based on 60 working days(1,440 hours a season,working three shifts per day).

Processing of Fresh Vegetables & Fruits

Activity is carried out to produce high value added products that have a prolonged shelf life and offer convenience of transport,storage and sourcing to the final consumer.the products selected for the purpose of this study include dehydrated onion,carrot,tomato,spinach and chilies. the dehydration process will be carried out using solar power that will remove large share of moisture in the fresh produce .